Basant Charia Phuli Banrai – Rag Bahar – Sul Tal



bsMqu mhlw 3 ]
bsMqu ciVAw PUlI bnrwie ]
eyih jIA jMq PUlih hir icqu lwie ]1]
ien ibiD iehu mnu hirAw hoie ]
hir hir nwmu jpY idnu rwqI gurmuiK haumY kFY Doie ]1] rhwau ]
siqgur bwxI sbdu suxwey ]
iehu jgu hirAw siqgur Bwey ]2]
Pl PUl lwgy jW Awpy lwey ]
mUil lgY qW siqguru pwey ]3]
Awip bsMqu jgqu sBu vwVI ]
nwnk pUrY Bwig Bgiq inrwlI ]4]5]17]

Spring has arisen, and all the greenery has blossomed. These beings and creatures blossom forth, focussing their consciousness on Hari. ||1||

In this way, the mind blossoms. Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, day and night, egotism is removed and washed away from the true disciples. ||1||Pause||

The True Guru speaks the Bani, and recites the Shabad. [Listening,] this world blossoms forth in its greenery, through the love of the True Guru. ||2||

The mortal blossoms forth in flower and fruit, when it is willed by the Supreme Consciousness. Attaching his roots, he finds the True Guru. ||3||

You, the supreme consciousness, are the season of spring; the whole world is Your Garden. O Nanak, this ultimate state of devotion is attained through perfect destiny. ||4||5||17||


In this shabad of Guru Amar Das, the season of spring, or ‘basant‘, and its associated imagery are used to describe the state of consciousness in which the seeker has realised the divine. Through the revelations of the Guru, the disciple learns the way to connect to his/her True self. Establishing ‘roots’ to this True self, by the grace of the True Guru, the soul blossoms like a flower in accordance with the divine will. Thus, the potential of each soul-seed is fully manifested.

Rag Bahar literally means ‘spring’ in Persian. There are many rags, including Bahar, associated with spring and even the popular rag Basant itself has many different versions. We humbly offer this composition in rag Bahar, set to the 10-beat Sul tal, in hope of invoking the beauty of spring to accompany the enlightening words of Guru Amar Das.

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